The Problems with Democrats

We Democrats have a lot of problems!

The polarization between the extremes within our party is a major problem. The issue is not our diversity of opinion, but rather, our failed process to reach agreement. Agreement must be reached sufficiently prior to the election to allow time for proper messaging, campaigning, and media, all of which should present a clear and unified point of view–without the extremes complaining they didn’t get all they wanted. This failure occurs repeatedly by Democrats–inability to reach a consensus. Differences are often aired from our own extremes, and this has the likelihood of drawing off voters, especially independent voters, from trusting the wisdom of the party in terms of the precise legislation which is brought to the floor. Take the examples of Manchin and Sinema in the latest round of negotiations. We can’t be airing our own grievances right up to the ballot box. We claim we want unification? Demonstrate it yourselves, our Democratic representatives!

It’s one thing to stand on principal, but at the end, the alternative is loss of the legislation, and/or living with the Republican proposal, likely far worse.

Joe Biden. He’s a great President, especially for these times. bi-partisan, centrist, politically experienced, honorable, with high integrity. However, he’s also a burden to the Democratic Party. He’s old, sometimes stumbles verbally. He’s unpopular because he’s up against a high level of inflation, partly inflicted by his own legislation, and exacerbated by global issues beyond any President’s control. Let’s face it, even we Democrats yearn for a younger John Kennedy type who could rally people equally with Trump–or better.

Messaging is another problem for Democrats. Take the border. Yes, we are allowing more people to cross the border, seeking asylum. Republicans focus totally on the illegality, the dangers of crime, etc. We Democrats should be messaging the plight of specific families. We should be messaging the need for immigrant workers. We should be illustrating why and how we can accommodate more immigrants. We should be making specific proposals for streamlining our legal immigration process. We should be preaching Christian charity to Republicans, who claim to be highly religious. We should be arguing that Republicans just don’t care about the needs of our factories and farmers, and about the desperate needs of our black and brown immigrants, vast majority of whom are obeying all laws, working, paying taxes, and contributing mightily to our great nation. We seem paralyzed by the Republican issue–just whether we have enough control of the border.

And, do we demonstrate what we preach when we have the authority to do so? Take housing policy. In the 18 states in which Democrats control all three seats of government, do we actually manage to create affordable housing? In California, we do not. We are locked in nimby-ism here. Furthermore, we don’t have the most progressive taxing systems in those Democratic controlled states. Some Republican controlled states are more progressive than we are in California or Washington. Third, we allow school funding by districts, resulting in the kids with the greater needs having the least resources. There are other examples.

All this said, how about the Republican Party? Wow, the comparison would astound a cosmic visitor. Mistakes and shortcomings for the “liberal” party of the US pale by comparison to those of the “conservative” party. There was absolutely nothing of significant positive value to the nation contributed by Donald Trump Presidency. There is nothing of value contributed by Trump continuing to wield power over the Republican Party. That is, except for the benefit to the Democratic Party, as voters examine Trump’s weak candidate endorsements in the upcoming midterms, and his mounting legal troubles. Yes, all of this is likely to deny Republicans control of both Houses of Congress in the midterms, now only 60 days away.

So, Democrats need to get-it-together. Lots of mistakes. But Republicans are caught in a suicide pact with Donald Trump

If it comes down to two old guys in 2024, the same two, I’ll take our guy. He’s head and shoulders above and beyond Trump, and even a good case of dementia would not change that ranking.

2 thoughts on “The Problems with Democrats

  1. Robert Rosen says:

    Excellent and succinct, thank you! I’d only take exception to the characterization of our nation as great; the nation was great when we built for the common good, the highway system under Eisenhower comes to mind or the creation of Social Security under FDR, those times have escaped us and the country is apparently moving towards authoritarianism and the triumph of the military/industrial complex. All of this is moot under the rubric of global warming which is going to destroy the species anyway…). You take the time to put yourself out there, most admirable and hope you’re feeling well…Best, Rob


  2. David Brown says:


    I couldn’t get my post to submit on your blog, so I am writing you an eMail.

    Thanks for your thoughts. I agree with you on some issues, more or less. Some we are far apart.

    You are right the Dems can’t unite. The is an age old problem.. However, the Reps have the same issue. The extremes of both parties have too much attention, particularly in primary elections. How can moderates on both sides get back in control?
    Borders define countries. I am fine with giving any number of applicants the great chance to come to our country. However, it must be done legally. Shame on both parties for exploiting some many people who just want to work hard and make a future. Pass an immigration bill. I am glad the majors of WDC, Chicago, and New York City are getting a taste of what border states have been dealing with for decades. This is a national problem.
    California doesn’t have a housing crisis. We have created the shortage of housing by encouraging everyone who wants to live here. Face it, the Bay Area (and LA) are very expensive places to live. If you can’t afford it, move to a lower cost community. There are lots of those. On a related issue, we are in the wrong direction of dealing with the homeless. I believe SF is budgeting $1.5bb to deal with 8,000 people who are homeless.That is a bit short of $200.,000 per person. Wow! Talk about something which is gross unfair.
    Trump is a crook and should go to jail. I cringed each morning when he was president and I had to open the front page of the newspaper. I like the fact he worked hard to shrink the federal government, which is bloated and in efficient. Some other small victories, but I would never support him. You may be interested to know that my dozen or so friends who were strong MAGA backers, now all have soured on him. None would support him in the future. Trump is not a Republican (strong defense, balanced budget, small federal government, government stays out of most people’s lives, etc). They need to get dis-engaged.
    That said, Biden, is not much better. Passing highly inflationary bills in this time is crazy. The forgiving of student debt (other thean when the school is fraudulent) is poor policy. Why should tax payers bear this obligation? He is too old, and dithers too often. 67% of all voters think he should not run in 2024. If Trump is nominated, which I sincerely hope won’t happen, the Dems win. Even our hapless governor could beat him.
    Also helping the Dems is the untimely, bur reasonable decision by the Supreme Court. I think each state should make a law they support. BTW, with reasonable limits (15 weeks or so), I support abortion.

    Just some thoughts. Hope all is well with you.




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