It’s Time for US to Change its Approach to China

The relationship between the US and China has been tense for some time now, but it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s time for the US to change its approach to China and work towards a more cooperative and mutually beneficial relationship.

Firstly, there is no evidence to suggest that China is interested in war or conflict with the US. This has never been characteristic of China’s long history, and all China wants is respect, a ranking seat at the global table, and continued flexible trade relations. However, there are forces in the US that are determined to make the situation worse for various reasons, which is unnecessary, counter to our own aims and interests, and very dangerous.

We need to ask ourselves why we feel so threatened by the growth and power of China. What’s wrong with sharing the number one spot? Why do we need to impose our human rights beliefs on other countries, including China, when this practice has only led to trouble for us in the past? It’s time for the US to accept that China may well surpass us in most of the considerations determining global leadership and dominance.

Instead of trying to restrain China’s growth, we should welcome them to the global table and work together on issues such as climate change, nuclear proliferation, support to developing countries, and much more. Of course, we should insist on intellectual property protection and other legitimate grievances, but we need to be careful to restrain our rhetoric regarding the “One China” policy and our attitude towards Taiwan.

The US should also work to preserve and enhance free trade as it’s to the mutual benefit of both countries. We should not focus on trying to better or restrain China but rather work collaboratively with them. This will greatly profit and advance our position as the two shared superpowers for decades ahead.

Furthermore, we should stop acting and talking as if communism is some kind of evil or danger to our democracy. It’s time to rein in all the negative views of China which have been promulgated by hawks and others who harbor an unjustified fear of communism or of the Chinese.

Instead, we need to focus on ourselves and our own issues. We should demonstrate that we have the best government and system, protect human rights in our own country, and develop our institutions, educational system, infrastructure, policies, technology, health, and environmental improvements. We need to focus on social needs and work to assure a living wage and opportunity to all Americans. These things will make us the country everyone envies and wants to visit or move to. If we aspire to remain #1 globally, it’s how well we manage our own country which will determine that.

One thought on “It’s Time for US to Change its Approach to China

  1. David Brown says:


    Good to read your post on US relations with China. We share some points: * It seems inevitable their economy will surpass ours in the near future * US should focus on its issues, not others

    However, There is ample evidence they are becoming more militaristic * They sent what are likely spy balloons and other drones over our territory * They are building islands in the China sea to help them dominate that area * They are much closer to Russia, than in the past. Russia is an avowed enemy of the West and the USA

    We should be concerned about their role as a non-conforming country in the world * Perhaps most troubling is their stance on Hong Kong and Taiwan. They seem to be clear they believe both areas are theirs to do with as they see fit. The citizens of both those areas don’t want China to take them over. *The continue to build lots of coal fired plants, despite “supportive” narrative about the need to protect the environment * They are a communist country with an economy which is anti-capitalist * It seems obvious they are unwilling to join other major countries and operate under common law. They have been engaged in copyright thief for some time. They have unilaterally broken contracts with companies like McDonalds.

    Sharing the number one spot in the world It is my perception we have very few close allies in the world. It seems like most countries want our money and want to buy our products, but they are quick to criticize us for whatever they think. In addition, as is true in Ukraine, we are expected to pay a disproportionate share of expenses, even if we don’t have a dog int he fight. Let Europe pay a lot more for NATO and other support we give that area. I wish we got to “take it or leave it” in more of our international negotiations.

    My bottom line is China has huge internal problems which may cripple their foray into international politics * It is widely said that their banking system is in chaos. Also true for their real estate sector. Either could cause significant ramifications (mostly in their country), but also around the world *They can’t feed themselves. Food, as we have seen in Ukraine, can be a big issue * Few countries in the history of the world have grown so quickly, and not ended up in some sort of social disturbance. Workers no longer want to work all the time, in unsafe surroundings, and for low wages. * It is not clear to me that massive country can be effectively ruled by a centralized committee, no matter how smart they are.

    We will see what we will see.



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