Trump Again–Dec 7, 2011

December 7, 2011

Dec 7, 2011, Donald Trump goes public with his view that Barack Obama is arrogant! From the most arrogant guy I know in the whole media scene–how ridiculous! Does it not occur to him that he is widely regarded as the kind of arrogance?

And, his recent “disclosure” of his wealth at $7B, regrettably one indicator to many of his wisdom and acumen, is very likely to be wildly distorted to the upside. Forgetting all the banks and others who have lost fortunes in association with him in his past failures, we can only say: “Donald, produce all the details to support these claims–property addresses, descriptions, valuation calculations, etc.” It’s highly doubtful that he can legitimately claim a fraction of this if subjected to proper scrutiny.

It’s just too much to really believe, isn’t it?

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