China’s Human Rights Concerns with the US

January 23, 2013

Maybe many of us think we have no human rights issues in the US, or that they are minimal. After all, we ARE a democracy, we do protect free speech, and we do try to provide the right to a fair trial for anyone accused of a crime.

And, with those as our major keystones, we have continuously criticized China for its failures in those and a number of other areas of human rights.

Well, what would you do if you were so severely and continuously criticized for something like this–something so broad, so challenging to address? I hope you’d study the allegations and try to do something about it, which is one of the things China is doing. But, if you are like me, you’d probably examine the critic to see if he/she is so very clean on the same set of issues.

Perhaps it will be no surprise that China does that, and periodically makes its findings public from a government website.

Have a look, at your convenience. It’s not a picture to be particularly proud of, or one which entirely justifies our throwing rocks:

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