What Next, Fox?

Lately, Fox News is reveling in the discovery that a huge swath of America doesn’t want to be vaccinated, or doesn’t want to wear masks. So, they’ve worked to turn this into a Democrats vs. Republicans issue, with Republicans respecting individual freedom and Democrats demanding government control citizens. And the more Fox promotes this crime on Americans, the more previously comfortable citizens are persuaded to join the outraged.

This demand for individual rights has migrated, spread like the pandemic, and is now in the classrooms of our schools across America. Just exactly what Republicans don’t want taught is far from unanimously agreed. In fact, it is far from understood at all by most–just that something might be taught that I wouldn’t like. So, let’s march and protest and claim that parents are not being respected, and that somehow, our teachers have suddenly turned into enemies of the children and the parents–these same teachers who only a year or two ago were personal friends in the neighborhood and were teaching the right things. Then, suddenly, something happened to those teachers, or their principals, or the school board. Seems like brainwashing. Oh, yes, it was probably the federal government, and most certainly it was the President who set all this in motion.

And, that’s not the only complaint we have against this President. Another complaint is inflation. He must be responsible, because the buck stops there. All bucks stop there. And, I hear the gas prices might get even worse if Putin invades the Ukraine. And if Putin does, it means the President did something wrong in foreign policy too, that led to this happening. I’m sure Trump wouldn’t let Putin invade the Ukraine. Just don’t tell me Presidents can’t control the economy or inflation, because they should. Don’t tell me it’s about the pandemic and the supply chain. He should fix it. That’s all there is to it.

So, all in all, there has been lots of fodder for Fox News hosts to keep merchandising–Hannity, Pirro, Watters, Carlson, and all. It’s been a field day for them, especially discovering that parents are easily aroused over the very idea of having no say, no importance, in their children being vaccinated, wearing masks, and even what they’re taught. This seems even better than complaining about the border.

But, what if…? What if the pandemic subsides, as it appears to be already? What if it is virtually gone well before November? What if no one is forced to be vaccinated or to wear masks well before the midterms? And, what if The whole hullaballo about what’s taught also gets old, gets largely resolved throughout school districts all over the country?

Worse yet for Fox, what if we see a significant reduction in inflation, a downward trend line because Covid is resolved and truckers go back to work and supply chains free up?

I’m just saying….What will you find to fill your network hours, which seem at least 50% devoted to something other than “news.” Something like a polemic against Democrats and Biden, filled with half-truths or total un-truths. What’s left to promote, if the above loses interest for your viewers?

Hilary Clinton spied on Trump. Could that work? No, guess not. We made that claim for weeks, until it turned out we did not read John Durham’s work carefully. That was a little embarrassing, but, oh well, we’ll just keep say that “maybe” she really did.

Can we just go back to hours of video at the border? By the way, which President across the last 50 years was able to do a really good job about immigration and the border? Which? The answer is none, and certainly not Biden’s predecessor. But let’s not get into that ancient history. Here’s the video from today. Horrible, isn’t it? Rapists, criminals, drug dealers, child predators, all being let in across our Southern border! Yes! If government controls over individual freedom no longer sells, That’s what we’ll sell! That one will never get resolved–by anyone! The border will always be our backup plan, because we know no one can resolve that one.

But we’ll keep looking for anything that doesn’t work perfectly, because the buck always stops with the President, especially if he’s not a Republican President. If a Republican succeeds Biden, well, most of his problems were simply inherited from failed Biden policies.

We’re good.

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