Message to Fox News

September 9, 2021

Here are a few thoughts for Fox News, just based on the last two weeks:

Two weeks ago, you complained that Biden couldn’t get people out of Afghanistan fast enough, forget the paperwork and vetting–just get Americans and friends out! 

Now, your criticism has turned to questioning whether the paperwork and processing was too fast, and whether we may have allowed terrorists in–although none have yet been discovered. I’m fully expecting that soon your concerns will include the settlement of these “immigrants” into our communities, based on the anti-immigrant stance of the previous administration.

You fight against mandates for vaccination and masks: Both are seen by the vast preponderance of Americans and scientists as critical to getting to national immunity. All of this you politicize in the name of resistance to government intrusion and exaggerated need for personal freedom, at the expense of community. Vaccination mandates are not new. In 2002, George Bush mandated a smallpox vaccine for 500,000 troops. In 1777, George Washington did the same for his troops. In 1905, the government authorized breaking into homes to inoculate against smallpox, and the US Supreme Court ruled that the mandate was legal. Nothing new here, Fox. Report on that history, please

You protest “wokism,” suggesting that government, schools, and businesses have no right to express their preference for honoring our minorities and disadvantaged. Kudlow loves to caption his slogan “go woke, go broke.” Doesn’t seem to be resulting in any “broke” so far. Those corporations going woke are enjoying record revenues. Consumers seem to like their attention to our disadvantaged.

You search for any mistakes made by members of Black Lives Matter or Antifa, regardless of whether such actions are endorsed by the leadership of such organizations, or not. You attribute that behavior to the leadership, but the capital rioters of January 6 are argued to have nothing to do with Trump or any other Republican leadership.

You say, suggest, or imply that China is our arch enemy, asking whether the US will take up arms against China if China threatens Taiwan. This, notwithstanding the clear majority of Americans wanting no future American foreign wars. Also, notwithstanding no evidence whatsoever that China is even remotely interested in a future war with America. China only wants respect and a seat at the table. I suggest we let China’s issues with its neighbors remain between China and those countries. I have studied the history of China extensively at the University of London, and I have confidence that your frequent guest, Gordon Chang, is terribly wrong. He’s been a critic of China for decades–try a few other China experts, please. Try Henry Paulson or Nicholas Lardy for a more reasoned and promising road to our future with China.

You have been too busy this month with Afghanistan and Covid to focus on the Southern border. While you are right there is a problem, you are always slanting your reporting by failing to mention (a) it’s always been  problem, was certainly a problem under Trump; and, (b) you offer no suggestions for how to handle it effectively. Trump did not enact a comprehensive immigration solution. He broke this promise to the American people, along with many other promises. You neglect to focus on the dire need of so many south of us, in danger of starvation and risk to their lives. Is “America First” really the right answer when we look at poverty and danger just outside our borders?

Afghanistan after the exit: Your hosts and your guests (e.g., Karl Rove) continue to claim the Taliban are terrorists. That’s not true. If America does not try to work with them on a cautious basis, extending some trust and forgiving some continued misdeeds from their zealots, as they try to get a rebel country under safe control, we’ll make it even worse for those who helped us and want out, plus the millions there facing poverty, deprivation, and imminent starvation. You can’t give up on criticizing the exit, when Trump set the stage for that, but lacked the courage to actually do it.

Fox, no matter how much you criticize Biden, Americans felt and still feel, he’s far better than Trump.

The President’s poll ratings are falling, but so what? So are the ratings for Abbott and DeSantis, your presumed front runners for 2024. Texans and Floridians are not happy with their governors, whose positions are generally opposite from those of the President. On the other hand, Gavin Newson will most likely be re-affirmed by us Californians on Tuesday of this week.

It’s still a good way to mid-terms and a long way to 2024. Most likely, Afghanistan will be forgotten by then, and the pandemic will also be over, along with the arguments over vaccinations and mask mandates. 

Criticize as you wish, but face it: Democrats are in charge now. Sorry, but accept it. You had your turn under Trump. It didn’t turn out well. Americans know that, and that’s the best of all weapons Democrats have in 22 and 24—that Fox and the Republican party largely remain subservient to Trumpism. You’re way out in Right field, Fox, not serving our nation well.

Apologies to the few of your hosts and guests who try to be fair and even handed. Regrettably, it’s very few.

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