Ideas I Don’t Like

  • That Americans are the appointed people of God—that we are the new Israel in the New World
  • That Christianity is the only right belief system
  • That the US is only a Christian nation
  • That we are superior to all other countries of the world
  • That we need to maintain the largest military of the world
  • That we need to do all necessary to remain the strongest nation in the world
  • That we tend to idolize or worship those who serve in the military (vs. our teachers)
  • That we need to police the world and control all national behaviors we don’t like
  • That Communism is some sort of dark and evil system which we need to eradicate
  • That personal freedom is more important than the common good 
  • That personal safety via police is more important than fair treatment of our underprivileged
  • That climate change is to be doubted
  • That experts and teachers are not to be trusted with their intelligence—that we can always know better
  • That the underprivileged suffer only because of their lack of ambition, work, or talent
  • And, that those of color deserve no special consideration
  • That no one needs a helping hand—each must do it on his own
  • That immigrants represent a threat and a cost to our country
  • That one race (white) is somehow superior and is threatened by others
  • That our Democracy is without flaws
  • And, that our Constitution is flawless, notwithstanding 300 years have passed
  • That our form of capitalism is also flawless, let the market determine outcomes, no need for government intervention
  • That government is the problem
  • That tax reduction is always the best action
  • That nationalism is better than globalism
  • That dissemination of untruths is ok
  • That inequality is ok, because the successful earned it rightfully, and I hope to do so also
  • That Donald Trump was a good President
  • That Joe Biden is failing in his Presidency

These are some of the troublesome ideas prevalent among significant elements of our society. These are ideas I don’t like, and many of them represent serious dangers to our country. I could say a lot about each of them, but you get the idea.

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